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Creation of mobile applications

Why your mobile application for your business?

You know that feeling, when you ‘look’ at your mobile phone to see what’s up? So various mobile applications remind you that right now is a good time to order some bread, take advantage of a discount in the store or drink a glass of water? …Today, obligations are measured according to what mobile applications and their notifications say , in the free time of mobile phone users

Functions integrated into mobile applications



The mobile application is your marketing channel 24/7 ! Direct contact with customers and clients at all times.


Stand out from the competition. Be present on the screens of mobile devices that people touch 2617 times a day!


And their loyalty . Motivate your customers to use your services, and attract new ones with the help of the application.


More clients, more customers…more traffic and revenue. Simply! Request a demo of your mobile app.

In addition to the icon of your company or brand on the screens of your customers’ mobile phones, which is actually a constant reminder of the existence of your company or service, mobile applications have other important functions for business and communication with customers. With some of them, such as the Push message function, you can instantly inform all users about your offer, promotion, special menu, upcoming events and thus encourage them to take action.

Push messages have a reading rate between 80-90%. We are all familiar with the loyalty card , especially in paper form. In your mobile application, you can have your own digital loyalty card with which you will reward customer loyalty. There is no need to print cards and punch stamps, and on the other hand, your customers will be satisfied because there will be no more loss of cards and earned points. One of the most important functions of your mobile application is the ability to make reservations, i.e. order by appointment, which facilitates the ordering process for both you and your clients.

Take a look at some of the most important functions of mobile applications that will help you attract new customers and keep existing ones, and facilitate your daily business and communication with customers.

Loyalty card - digital

Reward the loyalty of your customers and clients! With the help of a virtual loyalty card, customers collect points and in this way you motivate them to use your services

Web shop

Integrate your existing web store into a shopping app in the palm of your hand, or create an entirely new mobile app where customers can shop on their mobile phones from the comfort of their own home. Integrated card payment!

Appointment booking

Booking an appointment through a mobile application? Yes, a simple interface and control of reservations and appointment announcements. Especially suitable for service activities.


Push notifications

Send your clients notifications about actions, promotions or novelties… A push message or push notification appears on mobile phone screens regardless of whether the application is active or not. An exceptional marketing tool!

Coupons and discounts

Coupons are one of the most attractive shopping lures. You decide how and when you will reward customers and increase your traffic. Coupon usage statistics included

Integration with social networks

Simple integration with social networks. Promote the app and your business through social networks and vice versa.


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